How It Works

When you are surfing the Web, you leave a trail of activity that cybercriminals can use to track back to your computer's specific IP address, a unique identifying number, which is used to identify all the different computers and websites on the Internet, along with your communications with all websites or any programs that connect to the Internet. This is so-called Direct Internet Connection. Your online activities and personal information are not protected unless hiding your IP to surf anonymously, with a rather untraceable online traffic off from hackers, unwanted emails, phishing scams, and identity thefts.

Surf Anonymous Free protects you by modifying your Internet Connection Settings via an anonymous Proxy Server, functioning as an intermediary between a home network and the rest of the Internet and via its own IP address to link for Internet information on your behalf. All your online traffic is being transmitted through our anonymous proxy servers where your IP address is changed into. We are using worldwide proxies to hide your IP address including but not limited to USA, UK, Israel, Canada, Germany, Japan, Brazil, China, etc.

Surf Anonymous Free works with many browsers spanning Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks, etc. All websites browsed or E-mails sent using these browsers will show you are connecting from one of our fake IP addresses.

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Why Surf Anonymously?

  • To surf securely and safely insecure sites.
  • To prevent tracing or monitoring of network traffic.
  • To disguise your computer's IP address, making you untraceable.
  • To un-ban yourself from restricted websites.
  • Protect You from Cybercrime.
  • To send anonymous E-mails.
  • And More...
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